Program for Life| Lose 10lbs In 2 Weeks

Serious Question!?

What your Weight Loss goal? 5-25lbs, 25- 50lbs?

I can almost bet on the fact that you are sick of “Lose Weight Fast Tips and Tricks” That DO NOT WORK!

So What is our ultimate goal?

Our ultimate goal Is to get to our goal weight And maintain it! The game of losing weight, gaining weight, and then doing it ALL over again is really just a waste of your time. Each time gets harder and harder because you lose Motivation.

 A VERY Popular Weight Loss Mistake

Following unrealistic Diets(FAD Diets/Cleanses/Very Low Carbs). Diet that are almost Impossible to follow for the rest of your life. Diets that your start and think you are losing weight, when in reality, your most likely only losing water weight, and within a couple weeks, you are right back to where you started!

What you need to do to succeed

Find something that Works best for you, your Daily Routine, your Family!

A Program that you can follow for the rest of your life.

Stop starting over and start maintaining your Progress

Lets talk about the Mayo Clinic Diet.
It has 2 Simple  Phases!

Phase 1| Lose it

Phase one consist of really jump starting your weight loss and will help you lose up to 10 lbs in 2 Weeks, BUT in the safest and healthy way. On top of that, you’ll learn how to add good habits  while also learning which exact habits are sabotaging your diet in the first place!

Phase 2| Live it

This phase will help you continue to lose 1-2lbs a week until you reach your goal weight.
After that, you’ll be getting expert guidance and techniques to help you maintain your weight loss for life.

Designed to be the last diet you’ll ever need!

I know your Probably wondering WHATS ALL INCLUDED?!?!

Eat Great and Lose Weight with Meal Plans and Recipes 
• Personalized meal plans
• 100s of easy, delicious recipes
• Simple portion-control guides
• Motivational lifestyle tips

Track Your Progress with Interactive Tools
• Mayo Clinic Diet iPhone App
• Healthy Habit Tracker
• Food and Fitness Journal
• Weight and Inch Tracker

Boost Your Weight Loss with Fitness and Exercise Plans
• Personalized workouts
• Robust exercise index
• Walking and running guides
• Fitness tips for all levels

So this program is really designed to keep it simple, everything you need in at a hands reach and all in ONE PLACE! Which is a huge reason As to why I recoomend this to people who have a hard time keeping the weight off. It Has EVERYTHING you need for just $5 Dollars a Week, plus a free Diet profile!

You can Sign up here and get your Free Diet Profile  as well.



Not Another Monthly Payment| I Don’t Want to Join a Gym!

The gym isn’t the only place to get in shape!

Clients ask me often…Do I have to Join a Gym to Reach My Weight Loss /Fitness Goals? NO, You definitely do not! There are other Options. I know reason can go from Not wanting to join a gym or Just not being able to, so I want to focus on the 2 most popular reason that  I hear.

Price| Cheap Gyms or High Quality Gyms

I know that Decent Gyms have a Membership that offer services like Child care, Classes, Personal Trainers etc… price  are around $30-50.

Lets say… 50×12=600 Dollars for the entire year


30 x 12=360 Dollars for the year

That’s not including the extras, like Gas, Pre-Workout, Protein

Confidence| Feeling Comfortable

For both Men and Women, Confidence can be a Huge problem. Especially for someone just starting out, they usually tend to compare themselves to others. I ALWAYS remind them NOT to compare their Beginning to someone else’s Middle.

I  had a handful of people that say they just don’t want to be around so many people and a few that have told me working out on machines that other people use just completely gross them out.  Which is fine! Whatever the reason is. There’s always other options, so don’t worry and Don’t  give up Just yet!

But…What Can Replace the Gym?

Take Advantage of the Outdoors

Hiking | Walking Trails

  • Take a Walk or go for a Run
  • Carry a Backpack filled with Rocks to Challenge yourself (My son Loves to Collect Rocks then bring them home and Paint Them.)
  • Use your Weighted Backpack to Do Workouts(Lunges, Squats, Bicep Curl, Shoulder Press)

Playground |Park

  • If you have Kiddos like me, I Love making out Trips into Workouts, Run fun little obstacle with my son. Other Adults Probably  think I’m insane, But “I’m not a Regular, I’m a Cool Mom” 

Home Equipment  |

Resistance Bands

  • Resistant bands are pretty Low in Cost. Most just have an attachment that go between a Closed door (top,side, bottom)
  • A good set like usually comes with Different Levels of difficulty(Multiple Bands), a exercise Chart, and at least 2 Attachments.

Dumbbells | Barbells Plus Weights

  • Get a set of Dumbbells.
  • Do a variety of arm and leg workouts in the comfort of your own Home

Home Gym |

If your really Planning on working out often, Then I recommend a Home Gym.

Most smaller home gyms Machines have

    • Seated Chest Press-Ex: Stand up/Face Machine and Pull it back instead(Back Workout)
    • High pulley- Ex:  Lat pull Down | Tricep Extensions
    • Lower Pulley- Ex: Should Raise | Bicep Curl | Squats
    • Leg extensions

Honestly for a Small home Gym System , There are a ton of Variations you can do besides the ones they list on the Chart.,


  • Only around $179 for a Simple Basic Home gym
  • You only have to Pay for it once and NOT Monthly/Yearly
  • Comfort of your own home
  • Not to big
  • If you don’t have time, Split your workouts(Half in the morning/Half at night)
  • Easier to find time in the first place, considering you don’t  have to travel


So you Don’t Need A Gym Membership to Reach your Goal?

No! I personally Have not Worked out in a actually gym. The past few years I have slowly added to my home gym equipment. I actually started out with ONLY a set of 10lb dumbbells and resistance bands. Now I have a smaller Home gym, A medium size Home Gym, a Squat Rack, Stationary Bike, Punching Bag and other Random things I pick up here and there.

All of my Progress has come from the comfort of my own home, For me personally it is just so much easier. On weekend  we ALL go to out Workout room, Blast music, and make it a fun thing. Extra bonding with the family, and I don’t have to leave the house in the winter when it snows just to drive to the gym. Most importantly, I don’t have to pay for Daycare, on top of a Monthly Membership

female before and after weight loss pictures

I Know that everyone is different, so what works fro one person,  might not work for another!

Find what works for you =)











Blogging| Mistakes| Money| Fitness

Lets talk Blogging!

Making money from home! Before even thinking about writing this post. I actually joked on one of my recent Fitness post  saying “Okay lets talk finances”  So to Clarify, we  really ARE going to be discussing Blogging and Making money from home!!

I am a Personal Trainer and Fitness Nutrition Specialist.

My post normally consist of helping people with their Weight Loss, Fitness, and Nutrition. My goal is to help people feel better about themselves and gain confidence, My ultimate goal is to help people live a healthier lifestyle.

So I’m kind of  looking at this in the same way, I want to help people,  a Mom like myself or  just anyone wanting to make money from their blog.

Short story|

I am a mother to  2 pretty amaiznng humans, Getting really personal , Its actually kind of hard to write this, knowing people will read it, But I lost my mother to brain Cancer when I  turned 16 years old, after that, our whole family just fell apart. With that being said, truth be told, I have Very bad attatchment issues with my children. My oldest is in kindgeraten, he has around 3 in a half month left of school , and I STILL catch myself getting teary eyed when I drop him off with a pile of anxiety.

With that being said, I have always been a mom who worked from home, It is SO Important to me that I am able to Contribute.(Bills, Extra Expenses, Disney Vacations, Vehicle down Payments) I started off being a health coach with Herbalife, then I moved on to another supplement company  after that. I started to realize that  Working with theses companies limited what I wanted to do.  I wanted to help people, but in MY way and on my own. I wanted to make my own rules really.


I started a Free Site with

I researched and researched… and researched information on what I needed to do in order to do what I love to do(Help with Fitness/Nutrition /Weight Loss Goals) but also make Money while doing so at home.

Guess what I did after all that research?  I gave up.  I got overwhelmed, I looked at other peoples websites and I just didn’t feel like I had a chance, I didn’t think my blog even compared to their website. So… I went  back to my old way, and signed up with another supplement Company, I was back in the same boat, I spent around 1000$ just  to come to realized, I kind of got screwed over, But, I wont share that disappointing  story.

What Did I Do?

I tried my blog again. I researched some more and I made a commitment, I promised myself to make it like my fitness Journey.

1.You aren’t going to make progress overnight.

2.You have to  Continue to research what to do.

3.You have to plan. Fail to Prepare? Prepare to fail!

4.You have to have patience.

5. You actually have to TRY.

So instead of a workout schedule, I made a Website schedule.

To Avoid feeling overwhelmed, I set each day to work on 1 thing.

Example: Mondays Workout= Legs

Mondays Website : Work on images in Canva.

I Left WordPress.Com

I made the decision  I wanted to steer away from my Free WordPress.Com Site because

  •  My Plugins were limited.
  • Customization and themes are also limited/Design my site HOW I want
  • I want to eventually upload Workout Videos
  • I wanted to OWN my Site/Have all rights.
  • Get rid of Ad on my site that I didn’t want plus they had ZERO to do with my post
  • I want to get Rid of the at the end of my site. (More Professional Looking)
  • No Monetization Freedom (Not Share BUT Keep 100% of what I earn from my site )

To Sum it up, I just wanted more Freedom. With my Website being a BIG part in my business, I wanted to get rid of the and be capable of monetizing it.

My option would be to upgrade to Business for 299 a year and have some more advanced features,(still not EVERYTHING) Or Join  Bluehost  like I had found in my Research. They Had a plan that was 24 months for  around $118.

Sooo your telling me1 year for basically $300 or 2 years for $118 for them to host my FREE website that would ACTUALLY BE MINE , and I had way more freedom and Options!

The Answer is obvious right?


I took the Leap and Signed up with Bluehost!

I had my fiancé sitting next to me , I tend to OVER THINK and get very overwhelmed with certain decisions, so I planned on making him help me , but  I signed up  and BOOM I was done, I went to and it did everything! No Lie. It was Maybe 5-8 minutes . I turned to my fiancé and said “That’s it?” I was ready for battle, getting Advil ready, Expecting a headache, but It was super easy to transfer what I needed from my old site!  I did end up having to change my domain a bit  From to LivePostivelyMore. On the Bright side, I was free of the

The people at Bluehost were amazing, They have a Online Chat, and the Person that helped me was very detailed and helpful with anything I asked, So don’t be afraid to use that and bug them if needed.

Update with my  Bluehost site|

There are so many darn option I am STILL playing around with ALL the options, I’m no pro at it, not one bit, but I’m learning .I feel like having your own website is a Continuous journey of Learning.  Most likely My site will be completely different if you hit refresh right now lol.


  • I  made 3 affiliate sales within the first 2 weeks
  • Traffic and Affiliate Sales are Slowly but surely rising each Week.

3 sales within the first week may not be a lot to some, but coming from a free WordPress, making 0 sales with what links I was able to post is a BIG deal!  As another few weeks pass Progress is  being made and goals are being Met!

Hopefully I am able to help someone steer clear of the path I started on!

If you decide to start a blog and go with Bluehost

  • Remember to make a Weekly schedule like I mentioned above
  • Make a promise to yourself to not give up, It is VERY much Possible to make money from a blog
  • Success wont happen overnight

EDIT: YES! Since Asked, I do Plan on continuing to update on my  website Journey. Feel free to enter your email below to get updates(Growing Traffic/Pinterest/other income etc..) Or Pin me so that you can Find me Again! Please note that if you do sign up, you will also get Health| Fitness| Weight Loss Post as well.

Please note: Some Links on may be affiliated. I may receive a small commission at ZERO price to you.

More importantly, Note, that I would never share anything I haven’t had personal experience with nor have tried myself!

Funk This Fit| Workout Playlist

Hey guys! Are you Looking for some new motivational songs to add to you Workout Playlist?

Just wanted to do a quick FUN post!

MUSIC!  Besides a good Pre-work, its one of the Main thing that gets me motivated!

There’s nothing like finding that song that gets you PUMPED and Ready to Kill your Workout!

Being Honest Here… I am THAT person, I can listen to ONE song the ENTIRE workout! If it keeps me pushing, Why turn it off right?  I know what your thinking ” Never want to workout with that girl’  Lol I cant be the only person who repeats a song over and over =P

I picked one  playlist  from my phone,  one that had the most Variety to share first!

Check back later for another , Ill be adding 2 of my Other Favorite workout playlist! =)

If you have any songs that get your pumped before a workout, PLEASE SHARE. I am constantly looking!

Thanks for the Read! Don’t forget to Pin me! Come back and share or find New music with me


(Some Links on Our Website May be Affiliate Links, There’s a change I might make a Small commission at NO price to you)

Can’t Seem To Lose Weight? | Don’t Make The Same Mistake I Have!

Are you Working out but not Losing Weight ?  Sucks… Am I right? Not seeing progress is an awful feeling. BUT WAIT….before you completely get down and give up, read some of my mistakes that i have made/changed and see if you might be able to find something you haven’t tried

Reason why you can’t lose weight…

Mistake 1|Constantly Weighing yourself|

This is A HUGE Ball of Stress. STOP now. Here’s what I advice you to do…Stand up, Sprint to your scale and throw it out your back door! Too Dramatic?  Neighbors might think you have issues haha. Okay. Have someone hide it from you. I haven’t been on a scale since I was pregnant with my daughter, and she is over 1 year old.

So instead… You need to  become a Selfie Queen(or King) Measure your progress with Pictures. Download a Free Collage app and compare them that way.  That Picture below… I CONSTANLY took  progress pictures Every/Every other Friday. SAME CLOTHES. In my opinion, Numbers on a scale doesn’t even compare to putting pictures side by side for seeing Progress.

Above is another progress picture that I take wearing the same shirt to compare! I promise I soooo wash them =)

Not tracking your calories you take in|

This is where my post Tracking Macros for Beginners… I know that not everyone want to track their calories for the rest of their life. Everyday. I know I don’t. But I recommend that you find out your daily calories needs  depending on your goals and From there you will have a better idea of what your body needs! After that you can  follow  more of a intuitive eating lifestle like I do. You can read more about that in my post I linked up there =)

Calories out| 

A lot of people over/under estimate how many calories they burn through out the WHOLE day. I always wear my Fit Bit and I recommend Clients  who are more sedentary in the day(like office work) to keep track of what they burn each day and try to compete with each day. Example: burn _ this many today, try and do extra tomorrow! (park farther away, use the stairs etc….)

What’s in that cup?|

A Really really common Problem is not realizing how many  calories your drinking! like Soda?!?! Add together the amount of calories in all your drinks throughout the day. And replace most of those with WATER and just with that you will notice the difference that makes with losing weight.

Need some tips on learning moderation… check out …How to WIN With Your Weight Loss Goals

Blame it on the Ah Ah Ah Ah Ah Alcohol (Jamie Fox)

Nothing wrong with having drinks, but too many can derail your progress as well!

Taking the Weekends off|

Don’t take of the weekends. I made this mistake in the very beginning, and there are still some busy weekends that I don’t prepare for the busy days and end up eating fast food. It happens, but overall, it’s not going to help you reach your goals, and the question is… do you really want to waste your hard work from the week by completely falling off. Try sticking to one treat meal on the weekend, and maybe a small treat snack.

Being Too Hard on yourself|

Are you being too strict? There is absolutely Nothing wrong with challenging yourself,  Right? But sometimes were are too strict, and we are actually NOT having  Enough cheat/treat meals.

I know what your thinking “WHAT! Is she really saying to eat more cheat meals”

Just hold on!… Think of it this way.

What is a cheat meal?

A cheat meal is a meal we enjoy, but it doesn’t necessarily help us attain our goals since they are usually higher in  calories .

We have all been there, here we are staying on point with our nutrition. “ WOW this is the longest I have gone without breaking my “diet

So you finally  have a cheat meal, and that is when a binge is pretty common to happen. That night, the next couple days,  you may lose  control. I’m guilty of that. Where I finally ate my favorite(pizza and wings) so i end up have a little too dessert, then I carry it on to the next day.

So… my tip

Stick to your meal plan, and have that Weekly Cheat meal, and your less likely to fall off your Diet and binge! Have that meal!

Not Eating Often Enough| Skipping Meals

Not a Morning person…Skipping breakfast?   Try a Morning  Meal Replacement  Shake to kick start that metabolism and get back into an Anabolic state(which is what we NEED to be in to build muscle and burn fat)

Another huge mistake is when Clients skip meals, from either Over eating with their past meal or skipping a meal in hope of “saving” Calories. Like I mentioned above,  we need our body to be in an Anabolic state, which is where your body builds and burns fat INSTEAD of being catabolic, We do not want to burn learn muscle. So to avoid this, you need to be eating every 2-3 in a half hours.

I go much more  into detail about this on my post Are you Skipping Meals?!    so Definitely give that a look if your in the habit of not eating enough or find your self skipping meals often.

AND that’s it for now
Thank you so much for reading! Hopefully I was able to point out a mistake that can help you with your goals =)

If you need any assistance, fill out the Contact form below  and Subscribe  to Keep Motivated on Your Fitness and Weight loss Journey=)

Here’s What Happened When I Stopped Skipping Meals And Started Eating MORE.

SNIKERS Commercial … “You’re not you when you’re Hungry!”

That’s my life Story.  Hungry Crystal is like The Evil Queen, My Heart is Black and I’m ready to crush your Heart (Any OUAT Fans?? Nope, Just me?!)  Feed me some food and I’m Suddenly Snow white, singing with the Birds. (FYI: I’m Crystal =))

Signs that you may not be eating enough or as often as you need to.

-Foggy Minded/ Just can seem to concentrate

– Frequent Headaches

-Tired/Fatigue/No Energy

-No Motivation



-And the Obvious Stomach Grumble

– Bloating. Personally for me, Day Where I do fall of schedule, and that happens, don’t stress about it, but I go to be very bloated vs. days that I eat every 2/3 hours.

I have a friend who tells me she forgets to eat, and I completely understand, the day can just run right by you.  SO…

What do we do to solve this Problem?

We just stop forgetting. All Done. Super Simple.

KIDDING. I have a solution for you if you have a phone/IPad Etc. I use have a Timer go off! Going off of your personal Schedule, Set it up in your Phone, have an Alert go off EVERY 2/2 in a half – 3/3 in a half Hours. Try to get 5-6 meals a day.

What are some Positives Changes of eating more often?

-Eliminate Mood swings.  Very guilty with this one.

-Stay focused

-Keep your energy Levels up

-Keep That Metabolism WORKING/ Stay in the mode of burning fat

-Stay Anabolic/ Mode (re-building, growth,) which is Ideal for People who are trying to burn fat and build muscle.  Opposed to Catabolic, which is breaking down muscle tissue.  Remember Muscle Burns more Than Fat does.

– Over eating is less likely when you are eating every 2-3 hours instead of letting yourself FEEL the hunger pain which usually lead to over eating.

And The BIG one…


Another Common mistake…

“I’ll just Skip my next meal because I ate SO much my last meal”


I actually deal with this from My Dad. Example. Our Last trip to Disney World. He would eat a large meal at lunch at the Parks and then by the time we got back to the Resort for Dinner, he would say “ I’m just going to wait until morning, I feel all full and bloated to eat again”   I swear I told him every day .” Dad it just doesn’t work that way, you will not lose the weight like you want to ” Then I tried to explain Anabolic and Catabolic and how his body I going catabolic burning Lean muscle for fuel.

So Skipping dinner, and then going to sleep,  we naturally go catabolic, unless you wake up to eat through the night, and Most of us does NOT do that. Lol With a Teething One year old, Ill Take my Sleep Please.

Whether you’re trying to lose weight, building muscle, or just trying to figure out how to feel better throughout the day…


Weight Loss| Start Winning and Grab Your Goals << If you want to get Good start on your Weight Loss goals, Check My other post out.

Counting Macros For Beginners | Sample Calculated Macros << If you are interested in learning how to Tract your Macros.   I’m Almost positive that both of these post have an example of a Daily Meal Schedule.

Do You Skip Breakfast?

I know A lot of People do not like eating upon waking up, I know the feeling, I use to Completely skip breakfast and wait until LUNCH, But if you are Trying to lose Weight or Build Muscle(Tone) STOP right now With this simple  a solution…

Get 25g of protein drinking this 👉  EVL Stack Protien to Jump start your metabolism, And pull your body out of being in a catabolic state so it doesn’t break down any hard earned lean muscle from the gym. I personally drink this as my 5th meal, But I do add this in my Pancakes in the morning as well

Steps to Take after Reading this Post.

  1. Do Not SKIP MEALS
  2. Eat EVERY 2-3/in A Half Hours
  3. 5-6 Meals a day
  4. Set reminder in your phone so you DO NOT forget to eat!

I made a little list of a few of my current Products I am Currently taking From EVL Nutrition That I order!

1.Lean Mode Stimulant Free Fat Burner-I take 2 in the morning/1 in afternoon 30 minute
2.BCAA Lean Energy/Recovery- Drink during my workout, or later in the afternoon for Energy
3.Stacked Protein- Post Workout/Right after I workout
4.Pre-Workout-30 Minutes before a workout

-Thanks for reading. I hope I helped you in some type of way. If not, Feel free to enter your Information below and I will  help you in any way that I can!


From Starving to Strong |

Okay, so I lied a little….

I didn’t exactly  go straight from starving to strong

But that is the reality of a fitness weightloss journey,,, as in anything else in the World, there were PLENTY of ups and down, taking one step forward and 2 Steps back.

My story DOES starts with “starving” as a teen(17-19) I had very unhealthy habits. My Food/Calories Intake was  VERY Little, and  I Used up the energy I did have,which wasn’t much since I was running on little food, to do cardio.

If your like me, being over hungry, COMPLETELY controls my mood, I get angry , I get emotional, Im just outright nuts lol. Feed me food and I’m all smiles. With that being said,  I was always hungry, super Weak and horribly tired.  Constantly in a Bad mood and still…I was Left  With  ZERO confidence and I felt AWFUL .I obviously was doing something very wrong, and I knew it.

Left picture is high school Prom, 18. Excuse the Picture quality, it was 2009 after all, And Don’t mind my Emoji Ex Boyfriend.  Back on Track, I hardly took in 1000 calories and I would run Constantly.(not healthy what so ever) Right two are current.

I then went to over eating. Emotionally eating. Every meal  and Snack was either fast food, sweet, or Junk.(Currently in search of those pictures)  Taking a little bit of  a Jump to getting pregnant with my first child, I continued to over eat. To be fair, I thought “eating for 2” was a real thing. Its not. My Doctor was a little concerned. =/

Another Jump…Your welcome for the workout =P

To My Postpartum Journey , unfortunately  I just went  right back into my old unhealthy habits.

There is a such thing as Genetics, there are those people who can eat and eat and still have a natural small figure and be completely healthy. For me, that picture above isn’t natural, that takes a lot of cardio, and very low amounts of food. I was basically following a very low  carb diet., but In reality, I can NOT live off of little carbs and low calories, Plus a ton of cardio.

AND why in the world would I want to. I felt like Complete Shit. So…

RESEARCH AFTER RESEARCH… I Came across Weight Lifting, Learned about having a healthy relationship with food. I fell In love with living a healthy lifestyle SO much, I ended up beign a NASM Certifeid Trainer and Fitness Nutrtion specialist. To be able to help other people who was going through Body Images issues like me was my Ultimate goal.

When I Learned to Track  my Macros and the amount of calories I should be eating, I was pretty shocked. Especially weeks after when I continued to feel energized, and actually started to see I was making some Progress. I was actually Feeling some confidence. Which I always lacked since I was a Teen.  >  ( Learn About Macros Here)

Back to Weight Lifting…

When I first started weight lifting I started very slow, I bougt 2 10lns dumbless from Walmart and some resistant bands that hooked up to my door and did small workouts in the comfort of my own home. Right in my Living room! Now I have a workout room n my basement because its convient to bring my 2 kids down.

One of my Main purpose of this post is to Share my experience and Push the Importance of  giving  your body EXACTLY what it needs. EAT HEALTHY, EAT OFTEN , AND STAY ACTIVE

Two of my favorite mental benefits of weightlifting…

-My Mental Health. My depression is much more manageable.

-Confidence. I personally Dealt with body image issues since I was in 8th grade. Feeling good about yourself and self love is one of the best goals to have.

This picture is one of my most current.

My Calories are Up to 2500 daily calorie intake. I eat 6 times a day and Lift weights 4/5 days a week. In my post Counting Macros For Beginners | Sample Calculated Macros I do have an older Example of My Personal Macros.

When trying to Lose Weight Please do it the healthy way. My Advice to you is to stay away from lose weight fast Scams, Magic Fat Burners, and focus on being the healthiest you that you can be, focus on making goals that you can live with for the rest of your life, not silly diets that may help you lose some weight, then within a few weeks be RIGHT BACK where you started.

A Life full of confidence sounds a hell of a lot better than the results of a quick fix!

100 Days Of School Shirt (Minecraft)

100 Days of School. In our case… Its 100 days of Kindergarten. I can not believe my first born is getting close to being in 1st grade!

So As soon as I read the sheet from school ” 100 Days of school Shirt” My first thought was Minecraft. SURE ENOUGH I pull up Pinterest from my phone, and a few came up Minecraft. My son picked Creeper, because the Creeper is apparently the coolest. Idk about you, but I’ve played Minecraft with him, building pretty awesome houses with basements and growing a farm lol I can definitely see how it can get pretty addicting!

I just wanted to share what we have done.

To start we got different color felt. We cut them out HALF INCH x HALF INCH. We used a Paper Trimmer to cut and measure the squares.

So, yup. they are pretty small. I started out with inch by Inch, but for a 6 year old shirt size xs/s,  it was to big to add anything else.

100 days of school ideas, 100 days of school shirt,100 days of school shirt for boys, kindergarten, Minecraft, creeper, green, birthday theme for boys,

I have my Creeper Expert help with the design. Plus he has smaller fingers.




I Put dots of glue and he put the squares! It really was pretty simple.



And the Creeper is Together. He decided to put brown on there too  because it said it looked like the grass blocks from the games.

100 days of school ideas, 100 days of school shirt,100 days of school shirt for boys, kindergarten, Minecraft, creeper, green, birthday theme for boys, DIY


Only thing left to do is to add  “Creeping to” on the top. I Wrote days on there first , not thinking about how Ill need to lean over and write on the top.  And with my Luck, I am almost destined  to have something crazy and weird happen  and the word ‘Day’ Smears all over lol

Happy 100 days to you and your Kiddos =)



Counting Macros For Beginners | Sample Calculated Macros

Is keeping track of macros needed for a successful Weight Loss?

What does counting macros mean? IF you read my other post…  you know that I want to keep it as simple as possible for you! (Other post Shared at the Bottom)

Counting macros means that you are keeping track of how much Protein, Fat , and Carbohydrates that you are eating in a day.

For example… I grabbed my Sons Cheese Pizza CHEEZ_IT from the Cabinet.

Serving Size =25 Crackers

With 25 Crackers                                                          50 Crackers

your total Fat = 7g                                                         Fat= 14g

Total Carbohydrates= 20g                                           Carbohydrates= 40g

Protein= 2g                                                                      Protein= 4g

So There’s the Macros for 1 and 2 servings of Cheez-IT

When Calculating Macros, It is based on -Age-Gender-Current Weight-Height-Activity Level- Goal

So let’s Do An Example

Female – 26 Years old – 125lbs – 5’3 -Very Active – and Goal is to Maintain ( Yes these are basically my Macros)

My total Calories are=  2203 Calories per day

61g of Fat

310g of Carbohydrates

103 Protein

(To calculate your personal Macros, I tell everyone to download Myfitnesspal because almost everyone knows what that is, and its VERY SIMPLE to Use their Macro Calculator. I Personally haven’t used it for a while, so I’m not sure if it breaks down each meal for you. Soooo… I will

So How Much Should I eat Per Meal?

Super Simple. I usually have 5-6 meals a day. So for each meal Ill Divide each number by 5.

61/5= 12g of Fat For each Meal

310/5=62g of Carbohydrates for each Meal

103/5=21g of Protein for Each Meal

Is counting Macros For Everyone? Absolutely not. If your looking for a More simple, Rule to Thumb kind of Weight Loss, Then this is the Post for you >>> Weight Loss: The best way to Succeed Long Term

When I first started out, I did he whole nine yards, measuring, counting , Using a food scale. Now, I have an Idea of what my body needs , portion size and just go more with Intuitive eating. I’ve learned a lot through trial and error. My goal is to do what I can stick with for the rest of my life.

If you need any help with your personal Macros, or anything I didn’t completely cover, Contact me on here or email me and I’m Happy to Help.

-Thanks for the Read and Please share if you found anything useful =)

Crystal_Rey |Certified Personal Trainer|Fitness Nutrition Specialist | Pizza Addict =P

Weight Loss| Start Winning and Grab Your Goals

Hey guys! Let’s talk finances…. just kidding

Let’s talks about some Weight Loss Basics!

What are your Weight Loss goals?

Are you ready to have a healthier lifestyle ?

What kind of things are you ready to change or sacrifice?

I want to talk basic weight loss. I don want to write a post to direct you else where, or completely confused you about the science like others may do. The average person just wants the basics in the beginning.

So no beating around the bush here.

What kind of foods can affect your weight loss goals ?

– Fast Food: you know this right ?! It is so simple to over eat in calories at a fast food place. Being honest , I am a Taco-bell and Pizza Hut crazy person. The calories I eat at Taco Bell should be enough for possibly most of the day. So imagine if your eating out multiple times a day. Eh uh oh

-Too many Sweets: as amazingly delicious as they are. They are highly fattening and full of calories

-Carbs: Too much pasta and white bread is definitely halting your weight loss goals

-Calories in your drinks: look at the calories on the back of a soda. Imagine drinking water instead. Using 0 calories, saving those extra calories for food , plus it’s so much better for you.

For someone trying to make a lifestyle change. Trying to lose weight. I personally think that giant changes can be the biggest mistake in your weight loss Journey . It’s a complete shock and your are less likely to stick with it long term.

Edit: Try to stay far away from silly diets, like military diets or boiled eggs diet… unless you plan on eating like that forever. That weight will come right back… and to me… that just seems like a waste of time.

So let’s talk moderation!

For some people to say “I’ll never eat that again” it’s not really going to happen. I can’t imagine saying that I’ll NEVER eat pizza again. Crazy is the exact direction I would go! Pizza is life .. right ?

So instead, in my house, we have a pizza Friday.

As I’m in the gym all week and staying on track with my nutrition, I know I’ll be treating my self to pizza on Friday with my family.

Soda drinkers where are you ?! Soda is one thing I have almost completely given up. It is a very very rare thing to see me drinking soda. However; it wasn’t easy.

So here’s what I did.

Keep track of how many sodas you drink in a week. Every week, minus 1 or go big and minus 2. From there, slowly dwindle down.

That can really go with anything, don’t go cold turkey if you don’t truly think you can. Train your brain, and let your body get use to it.

Self control

Self Control is the hardest. To say “No way” to the chips and cookies in the cabinet.The biggest tip I can give you is… DO NOT BUY IT If you can’t eat it in moderation. I’ll be completely real with you. Still. Right now to this day. I will not allow Oreos in my house. ANY OTHER cookie, I’m fine. I have not learned Oreo self control lol.

I want to finished this post with the basics of eating healthy.

Here’s what you should aim towards

Weight loss tip: Eat 5-6 small meals a day, don’t miss/skip a meal. Keep that metabolism going and working. I personally have 3 real meals a day plus a protein shake and then a meal shake. Plus a snack(yogurt+granola bar+almonds) Which equals out to 6 for me

Each meal should Consist of…

  • 1lb protein
  • A fist size of carbs
  • A fist size of veggies

  • Protein( chicken/turkey/fish/)
  • Carbs(whole grain pasta/brown rice/quinoa/sweet potato)
  • Veggies( Broccoli/carrots/peppers/)

Those are a few of ideas for each category. I’ll be writing a post more in-depth about meals and recipes.

And that’s it guys. That is about as basic as you can get. I’m not going to shove weight loss products in your face or super scientific information.

The most effective way to beginning a successful Weight Loss journey is to KEEP IT SIMPLE. Make small changes that can turn into long term habits.


I have got a few questions about having so many meals and what I take. Ill list a example of my day for meals and Snacks

7/7:30am:  Protein, banana, Oats Pancakes

1030am: Protein Shake. I take this> EVL Stack Protein  After My Workout

1230/1pm: Egg White Tacos

3:30pm: Meal Shake. I take this > EVL Stack Protein LeanIt is a ANYTIME Shake. It also contains CLA and Carnitine for Stimulant Free Fat Burning Support

6:30pm Turkey burger, with veggies and Sweet Potato Fries

9pm: Yogurt and granola Bar

This is a pretty good Estimate of everything I take in the day, There might be extra snacks hiding in there most day and a few other EVL Lean Mode supplements

Anymore questions, Email me And Ill help anyway that I can!

-Crystal Guinta | Personal Trainer | Fitness Nutrition Specialist

Picture below is one of my most Current pictures!!

The picture below was ONLY a few Months apart!

Thanks for reading! If you need help with getting started with your goals, contact me and I’ll help you in anyway I can!

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