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Hey guys! Pretty Quick Post Here.  While waiting for another Project to Dry, I was messing around with one of those decorate panels  that we took off of the Refinished Cedar Chest Plus New Pallet Stained Top

I had these Pretty large stickers That I wanted to use to label something with. Not sure what I was labeling just yet, but I bought them anyways.

When I first started to stencil my first couple project, I was always worried about messing up and having the paint bleed through. Now I look back and think That was silly, A little practice is really all you need, But I still wanted to try and experiment while I waited for another project to dry, So I made  a Random little hand held chalk board for Ayden to practice his writing on.

However, now I know if I see any sticker letters that I love, It’s worth a try to use them.

For this I just had  stickers like these>>>>> Large Letter Stickers


So this was the random  wood I used while I was waiting for my other project to dry.


I sanded each side then painted. Ayden wanted his name in grey, so I used Grey!

quick and easy stenciling how to stencil with stickers (2)

And put my Stickers on…

quick and easy Stenciling how to stencil with stickers 2

I push the letters down as hard as I could. Outline the edges really good so it would bleed under!  For this I Used >>>>> Chalk Board Spray Paint    I Took my time spraying over the letters, farther away, and very lightly compared to the bottom of the board, So I went over it a few more times. 

As I waited for it to dry, I was already being a Negative Nancy and assuming since the spray paint was so watery, that it was going to leak right under the stickers. 

On another piece of scrap wood, I Tested it on one letter with my regular paint and it worked as well. I took a foam roller, and went over the letter with light paint a couple times and it also worked great!

And here it is after I pulled of the letters…

Added a little Storm Trooper  and the Stenciling came out Pretty awesome.  After I took the last Picture, I ended up covering of Ayden and the Storm trooper to put  another coat of spray on the bottom. I focused so much  on spraying the top so it wouldn’t leak, I felt the bottom needed an extra Coat.

So Overall, I figured out Stickers aren’t completely out of the question  if your looking for a quick Or easy Way to Stencil something.

Ayden likes when I draw a weekly schedule on there so he knows what days he has his karate,other activities and when Daddy is Off Work! Each night he crosses that day off, Along with his Star Wars Calendar Countdown to His Birthday and When Baby Comes!! =)

Thanks for reading!!


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Kids Play Table/Desk and Chairs

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–Life right now…

As some of you might have already seen our Refinished Cedar Chest  that we did for a Toy Box in the Kids New Playroom for the New House.  You can check that one out here>>Refinished Cedar Chest Plus New Pallet Stained Top

We are getting closer and closer to move in Date and Im getting really anxious to set up our projects in the new house.

When I saw the Old Chest at  a Resale shop, I knew I had to get it for the Kids Playroom. We took of the Decorative panels on the Front, took of the top and built a new with some fairly new pallets Then I stained those.

On to the Desk… I wanted a Play Table/ Desk  to match the  Toy Chest. So I gave Matt  my Idea and he got to work. It came out exactly how I imagined , which is pretty amazing considering the explanation I gave him was a very horrible drawing of lines connected and a lot of arm movement, hand gestures making shapes and giving him example measurements compared to my Arm and legs lol That love for ya. The Man Understands me!!

Desk and play table for kids made with pallets white washed and stained 2

The bottom was made with  older pallets and the top is new wood from Home Depot. The front is Where I wanted   a little book shelf for  extra storage. The back Has  just two Regular Legs, Considering I already know I will have this up against the wall in their playroom.

I painted the bottom white then white washed and Stained the top with Dark Walnut Minwax  and it was FINISHED! Coated the top with polly !

However, we needed some Matching Chairs for the Kids! And I found these two Little chairs at a Goodwill Outlet right away.stained and white washed chairsThe was the Chair Before. I loved how it had the Heart on the Chair. I felt pretty lucky to find two of the same chairs like this. So I sanded, primed, painted and Stained. Last thing After the chair was dried, I stenciled Their Named on the top!

stained and white washed chairs 2 Ayden Of course picked his name to be in Red, and he picked an Orange Color for Eva!

Last thing, We made a tiny box for crayon   and whatever else The kids will end up using it  for!

And if you haven’t seen already, My…DIY Kids Coloring and Art Display Sign Made With Pallets to hand above the Desk!

And here is a couple picture of the Finished project. Right now it is just set up in my Son Rooms, but he absolutely loves it. He’s  been doing “VERY IMPORTANT” Work and drawings all morning! <3

diy pallet desk white washed and stained home decor 2

Thanks for Reading

—–Crystal And Family

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White Washing and Staining New Wood

Hey Everyone! I got a lot of questions on Exactly what I did to the Top Of the Kid’s Toy Chest that we Refinished that you can read here> Refinished Cedar Chest Plus New Pallet Stained Top

Unfortunately I didn’t Take a picture of the Top of the Chest before  I did anything to it… Just After! However!! we made a Kids table for their playroom that matches the Toy Chest! (Post Coming Soon!!)

how to make new wood look old with white washing and wood staining11

Here is the Wood that I started with. Fresh new wood from  Home Depot! I just needed to give it a fast sand and wipe it off  before I started.

Products I Used:

White Paint

Dark Walnut Wood Stain

Paint and Staining Rags

Step 1: Whitewashing

I poured a some white paint in a bowl and added water and stirred it  to get it less thick. The More water you add the lighter it will be on the wood.  For this top, I didn’t add much water at all.  I took my paint brushed and worked in small sections at a time on the wood. Paint the white wash over the wood, and then with your rag, wipe it off, going in the direction of the grains. You can go over it as many times as you want, it really depends on what you want and  how light you want it.

As you can see, I didn’t add much water to my paint, I wanted it pretty dark. I recommend you experiment with extra wood pieces to see  how  light you want to go, and to see how the stain looks over the top of it.  It really comes down to what YOUR eye likes. I did a couple test strips with different amounts of water and then picked!

Now to the stain…

(The first picture was taken outside,  second picture was in our basement)

I stained it with a rag, just one coat, some places I added extra on the grain parts to get it a little darker. The second picture was the next day with a top coat and it  was done. And that is that. It really is not that scary or  hard. It just takes some experimenting to see what you like!

Be on the lookout for…

The kids matching desk (the full desk, not just the top)  and chairs  for their playroom.  COMING SOON =)


DIY Kids Coloring and Art Display Sign Made With Pallets

As we’re getting closer to move in date, we are working on Project after project!  While Matt was doing the  Cutting And Building  of the Kids Desk I had him make, Me And Ayden get to work on the little fun stuff  to decorate their playroom!! Okay, Okay, He helps me with the Basic Stuff, And then he leaves me Hanging  to Help Daddy, Because let’s get real, as soon as the use of Tools are done, he loses Interest.Ha!

So this time, we made a quick  Sign out of Pallets that were already cleaned and cut from a previous project!

Supplies used:


White Paint  : We have tons of white paint

Letter Stencils

Stencils Sponges: These are my favorite for Stenciling

Acrylic Paint

So We started with the Pieces of wood I already had!

I laid them how I wanted, The front of the sign Facing Down. On the back I put a thin square flat piece of wood so Ayden And I  can drill screws to hold them all together. You can also use wood Glue for this part if you don’t want to do any drilling!

DIY kids coloring and art display made with pallets

These were fairly new Pallets, But They were already cleaned and then cut to use for the Kids Desk! All I had to do was sand it a little bit with the Sander!

DIY kids coloring and art display made with pallets1

Ayden And I painted it white, let it dry, and it was ready for some Stenciling! Unfortunately, this was the point Ayden left me Hanging. Daddy was done with the power Saw and starting to put the  Desk together, So He was a Goner When  It came down to Stenciling or Drilling!

DIY Kids coloring and art display made with p

Here I was Just a couple letters away from  being DONE! DIY KIDS PALLET stenciling

If you haven’t stenciled before , you might want to taped the letters down. I put  a little drop of paint in my tupperware, dip my sponge in it, and dab it around the tupperware like 5 or 6 times before I put it on the Board! Make sure you pick it straight up and put it straight down! diy kids coloring and art display made with pallets 4

The Words are all Stenciled…..

And it is DONE!  This Pallet Sign Was Super Fast and Simple! I got some  Clothes Pins, Painted them Black  and Glued them On! Right now I just hung it on our Family room wall to take a picture.  I plan to put this in the Kids New Playroom  Over the Desk when  we move into the New House!

diy kids coloring and art display made with pallets88

Future post of the Kids finished  Desk and Chairs  Coming soon, and by the end of July it should all be put together in their Playroom! Stay Tuned! =)


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